The Sissy Fits @ OTR July 1, 2018


The Sissy Fits grace the OTR stage this Canada Day!!!

Known as the Beastie Boys in short shorts, these women bosses have been in the industry since they were pre-teens. Before joining forces, they have all individually toured throughout North America and together, have multiple song placements on TV and on Much Music. In their debut single “Lady Boss” the Sissy Fits blur lush pop harmonies, EDM drops, straight rock-n-roll guitar riffs and hip-hop beats to create their sound.

The Sissy Fits have a lot to say, and giant pink amps to make sure you hear!

OTR is celebrating their return with our Canada Day 151 LIQUORDATION – that’s $3 EVERYTHING!! $3 Highballs, Cocktails, Wine, Shots and RED beer!

Yellow Week Veuve Clicquot 2018


This year, Veuve Clicquot celebrates the 6th anniversary of Canada’s favourite annual Champagne event, Yelloweek! From June 18 to June 24th, discover unique experiences in your city to enjoy Veuve Clicquot! Take part of this unique week and share your photos on Instagram #yelloweek