Nerd Nite #48 Family planning, city planning, and joking March 19, 2019


A genealogist, city planner, and psychologist walk into a theatre. They tell you things you didn’t even want to know: was Elizabeth Warren nuts when she laid claim to indigenous heritage? How are parking minimums shaping Edmonton’s urban form? Can we make a good (or bad) joke out of any of this?

The great news is that these questions and many others will be answered at our March Nerd Nite. You won’t want to miss this one, and the three reasons why (our speakers and their topics!):

Genetic Genealogy: The Joys, Risks, and Follies of Spitting in a Tube – Alyssa Paterson

Zoned Out: How Legalese Shapes the World Around Us – Anne Stevenson

What are you laughing at? A scientific look at the world’s worst jokes – Chris Westbury