Time Warp Pop Up One Car Pride Parade June 6, 2020



Happy Pride!
Last minute announcement!
The Grindstone is open and we’re going to have two DJs playing some music back to back, but there won’t be a dance party here. But there still can be at your home! We’re going to live stream the jams and get you grooving whether you’re in your seats with us at The Grindstone, or letting loose at home.

Pride: A One Car Parade! is on the street today, and it seemed like a perfect way to lead into the night here.

50s – 60s – 70s – 80s – 90s!

It’s a time warp dance party free-for-all! With music through the ages from Foot Loose to Night at the Roxbury, The Beatles to The Darkness, from Rick James to MC Hammer. Relevant requests welcome.

Thomas Culture & Rudy Roman