Telus World of Science Dark Matters – June 18, 2015


The next Dark Matters event TELUS World of Science Edmonton will be a little taboo… But then again, isn’t that always more fun? The theme is the Science of Sex. We will explore this topic in a thoughtful and playful manner that will be equal parts engaging, entertaining and educational.

The highlights:

– Provocative Lecture Series in the IMAX Theatre by professors from the University of Alberta: Dr. Shaniff Esmial: The Science of Sexual Response, Dr. Heather Proctor: The Innies and Outies of Invertebrate Sex and Peter Hurd: Sex Differences: Men are not from Mars, Women are not from Venus — It’s Complicated.
– Discover the Science of Toys with a series of workshops hosted by guest-experts, such as: Take-Apart, How Toys Work and What Toys Are Made Of.
– Explore the Science of Kink & BDSM with a real neuroscientist from the University of Alberta, to learn about how common kink & BDSM culture is, and teach safe practices with a friendly game of Tug-of-War.
– We’ll also touch on subjects like sexual health with guest-experts from the Compass Centre for Sexual Health and sexually transmitted infections with experts from the Alberta Health Services STI Centre, by way of g-spot mini golf, trivia wheels and woody ring toss.
– Remember your elementary school sex-ed class and the infamous “Anonymous Question Box”? We’re bringing it back! Guests will be able to scribble their most burning questions on a sheet of paper, slip them anonymously into the Question Box and throughout the night our guest-experts will answer every single giggle-inducing question!
– TWOSE is also proud to collaborate with the Culture Collective this month, as we do something that has never been done at the science centre before: burlesque shows! Beginning at 8 p.m. Capital City Burlesque (as seen at the 28th Annual Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts) & Beau Creep will hit the TWOSE stage t dazzle, tease & allure you!

And, as always:

– Music care of DJ Thomas Culture
– Bar & Special cafe menu
– Exclusive access to all of our permanent galleries, and;
– Grown-up science experiments!

Purchase a DARK MATTERS combo ticket and you can also check out our latest feature exhibition Dinosaurs Unearthed – sans kids!

Presenting sponsor: The Love Boutique

Purchase a DARK MATTERS combo ticket and you can also check out our latest feature exhibition Dinosaurs Unearthed – sans kids!

Dark Matters tickets are just $14 in advance and $20 at the door (+GST).

Dark Matters + Dinosaurs Unearthed is $26.50 in advance, $33 at the door (+ GST)

TWOSE Members receive special pricing.

*DARK MATTERS is the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton’s 18+ event, where the science is served on the rocks & the adults come out to play.