Steampunk November 7, 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen, freaks and geeks alike – it only happens once a year …The Official Edmonton Steampunk Group is proud to host for its third year in a row the Steampunk “Dark Circus” Ball on November 7th, 2015 at the Freemasons Hall in Edmonton, AB from 4:30pm until Midnight.

Located in one of Edmonton’s most distinguished looking buildings, The 2015 Steampunk Ball is proud to boast a playful underlying theme of ‘Dark Circus’ with food, rockabilly/swing themed entertainment and activities to compliment the night of funny delights.

Guests can choose their ticket type of choice – Bronze, Silver or Gold – and enjoy the special perks that are unique to each ticket type. With things like complimentary coat check, access to the Sandwich Table, the Non-alcoholic Drinks Table and more, be sure to read the description of each ticket type carefully to choose the best one for you!

A Circus and/or Steampunk and/or formal outfit is required to attend this 16+ event.

A (cash only) bar will be open and available for folks who have a mighty need for a mighty brew.

*Please note, there will be NO ATM at the venue. Please bring cash or credit card to purchase popcorn bag refills, extra pictures and pay for your winning auction prize.

Much ample parking is around the Freemasons Hall and costs 4-5 dollars for an all-night pass after 6pm. A ramp for guests who are wheel bound or move with a walking aid is available at the back of the building.

New to the event this year is the permission to bring PROP Weapons inside the venue, so guests are encouraged to bring their handmade/modified/designed super awesome thingamaiggit and show it off with pride during the ball.
We ask that folks with authentic military dress weapons to please leave those at home though. We know you’re sense of humor is your secret weapon anyways, right?

Guests can choose from a variety of vegan and gluten friendly nibbles from the Sandwich Table or take delicious delight in one of the themed snack machines, fresh Popcorn or Cotton Candy, from 7pm until 10pm (available while quantities last)
Non-alcoholic beverages such as Coffee, Tea and Water will be available as well to guests who do not wish to imbibe in a mighty brew, from 7pm until 10pm (available while quantities last.)

To keep the night going, the 2015 Steampunk Ball is proud to boast of 2 live musical performances by the returning kings of rockabilly/ steampunk swing music PUNCH DRUNK CABARET! Wit DJ talent THOMAS CULTURE to spin the dark and steamy tunes to also keep you moving on the dance floor, this night is sure to be a date you can solemnly swear you’ve put your dance moves to good use.

A full circus themed production inside the Photography Room is headed by local photography talent Brendan Brown that guests can amuse themselves inside, taking advantage of the interactive props and custom environment exclusive to the event for one-of-a-kind pictures.
[Pictures will be uploaded to a Dropbox folder, allowing guests to print off their own pictures, which will be linked to on the FB event page for the 2015 Steampunk “Dark Circus” Ball]

Auction Boxes arranged in three themes – Monster, Dark Circus and a ‘Mystery Box’ to announce the 2016 Steampunk Balls theme will be available to guests to bid on from 6pm until 11pm, with proceeds from the auction ( and popcorn and the photos purchased) going to The Support Network, Edmonton’s Distress and Information Center.

Last but not the least, a fantastic line up of 5 contest categories will be judged and awarded during the night. Those categories are: Biggest Moustache, Biggest Bustle, Biggest Nose, Biggest Hat and Best Evil Laughter. Settle in with a bag of fresh popcorn folks – this is sure to be one of the funniest highlights of the night!

With almost 8 hours of amusements, food and music to treat your senses to, join us in full gear for a night to be remembered!

and the @The Official Edmonton Steampunk Group

Event Photography and Poster Designs by @Melissa Wartenberg